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Clara, Show Career

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show, 19 February
1st Veteran, BViB, RBViS, Richard Kinsey (BiS Sue Randall) ‘7 ½ year old tri female Good head shape and proportions with correct dentition and strong jaws. Moderate angulation fore and aft allowing a steady and controlled movement albeit somewhat restricted in the ring provided. For me she is a tad short on leg and today carrying a bit of extra body covering. Well muscled all through.’

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show, 28 May
1st Limit Bitch, Louise Williams


Darlington Ch Show, September
2nd Limit Bitch, Mike Vincent ‘Pretty tri presenting a lovely outline. Nice head, ears, neck, shoulder and front. Well ribbed and good rear. Moved smoothly.’


Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show, February
1st Open Bitch, Amy Kinsey ‘4.5 years old tri bitch.  Lovely typical head. Uses her nicely tipped ears well and this joined with well-shaped and dark eyes give a feminine expression.  Lovely in profile, but slightly soft in topline on the move today.   Well set tail of good length that met the hocks, rear angulation and well-muscled hindquarters giving sound movement but not quite as free and easy as the principle winners on the day. Just missed out on RBB.’


Lincoln Open Show, December
2nd Open, Jackie Tune ‘ Pretty Tri bitch of 4 years. Feminine head with the darkest of eyes. Good balance but preferred overall conformation of 1. Moved well.’

Yorkshire Collie Open Show, January
2nd PGD/B, Sophie Wray, ‘3 year old tri bitch, and again, very similar to my winner. Loved her head, super eye, ears and expression. Had a lot of what I was looking for; outline, angulation and balance. Just not quite as settled on the move as my winner.

Clitheroe & District Open Show, October
1st Post Grad, Angela Harvey, ‘Have judged this pretty tricolour girl as a puppy, I just wish she had grown on a little more. Flat skull topped with lovely ears, dark eyes giving a beautiful expression, would like her a little cleaner through the cheeks. Well formed chin and tight lip-line. Balanced in outline and construction. Collected and positive on the move.’
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Open Show
1st OB, BOB, Bart Vandaele, ‘2 1/2 years old bitch, tricolour, in excellent condition, very good expression, correct head proportions, light but perceptible stop, black nose, scissor bite, correct colour and shape of the eyes, semi-erect ears, good length of neck, correct topline, tail reaching at the hock, chest deep, well sprung ribs, angulations in fore- and hindquarters in balance, oval feet, free and smooth movement, coat: hair of correct texture and colour.’

Yorkshire Collie Open Show, September
2nd LD/B, Brenda Trundley ‘Tri who has a very nice and balanced head, just found her a wee bit small, moved ok.’

EACA Ch Show, August
3rd OB, Natalja Skalin

York Open Show, July
1st AVNSC PG, BOB, Mike Vincent ‘ Tri of lovely type and balance. Perfect size, lovely feminine head, sweet expression, good neck, shoulder and front. Well ribbed, good rear angulation. Well muscled. Tends to loose topline but won on overall breed type.’

British Collie Club Open Show, June
1st PGB, RBB, Cathy Howard ‘tri colour bitch of 2 and a half years, has a lovely head and good expressive eye, well placed and used correct ears, good neck set in well placed shoulders with a decent chest and spring of rib, nice length, good loin and croup, lovely bend of stifle, moved extremely well winning her class and Reserve Best Bitch.’

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show, May
2nd OD/B, Rod Slater ‘2 yrs old tri bitch, another superb exhibit bred by the same breeder as 1st.  Bitter (no) Sweet (yes), she is a gorgeous girl of super quality but she was up against a good-un today.’
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Ch Show
1st PGB, Peter Bailey ‘a 2 year old tri colour who pleased a lot, she was very sound both standing and on the move best of out line of body make and shape a good reach of neck top line loin and croup all pleased she has a very good head with the correct breed type expression coming from a good placement of eyes ears and a correct balance of muzzle stop and skull, I had nice exhibits from this handler today thank you.’

Collie Association Open Show, April
2nd GB, Mr G Gray ‘ 2 ½ yrs Tri, smaller than winner but very breed typical, good mouth, good head planes although back skull needs to develop, nice dark eye, ears set on well, strong but a shade shorter in neck into well laid shoulder, shade steep in upper arm not affording her the forward reach of winner. Stood on medium bone and oval feet, correct depth of brisket, a shade longer in loin, strong back into high rump and a well moulded croup, lovely well-proportioned hindquarters with a good width of thigh and straight hocks. She was sound both ways with a steady side gait. ‘
SCCGB Open Show
Res LB, Maxine Mellish

Lancs & Cheshire Open Show, October
1st PGB, Julia Swann ‘Nice breed type from this kennels, a nice one to go over, upstanding girl, so well balanced, good depth of body, lovely breed head all correct, neck powerful  well arched, deep chest, good ribbing, top line firm, excellent movement coming and going round ring, hocks well let down, feet neat and short nails, coat weather proof.’

Pollard Open Show, September
1st Open, Reserve Best AVNSC, Mr K Goodwin ‘Tricolour Smooth Collie, good blunt wedge shape head with nice eye and ears carried well and correctly tipped, straight back, held on the move. RBOB’
Darlington Ch Show
1st PGB, Michelle Fort ‘Smaller Bitch however balanced, skull flat, good lay of shoulder, good depth of chest and spring of rib, good bone, good overall body shape and excellent turn of stifle, moved round the ring with drive. ‘
City of Birmingham Ch Show
1st PGB, Sue Hewart-Chambers ‘lovely blunt wedge shaped head with good planes and dark almond eyes, tipped ears and gentle expression, nice straight front, knuckled tight arched feet, good reach of neck and depth of body, level topline, pleasing angulations, well ribbed back, rounded croup and well set tail.‘
3rd PGB, Stuart Mallard

EACA Ch Show, August
2nd LD/B, Mrs A Hodgson ‘Another quality tri b, smaller than 1 with excellent head, neat ears and nice expression, good neck and body shape, moved well.’

Leeds Ch Show, July
1st PGB, Mr K R Newhouse ‘ Good outline with correct depth of chest and topline. Sweet head and expression. Needs to settle on both front and rear movement.’

Smooth Collie of the Year, June
Reserve Puppy of the Year, Christine Leach

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show, May
1st PGB, RBB, Duna Jones ‘ Lovely feminine bitch with balanced head and lovely dark eyes, topped by neat ears which she used well. Good body. Moved well.’
Collie Association Open Show
1st PGB, Mr J Smith ‘this 18 month old tri appealed greatly on seeing the catalogue I see why. Slightly smaller mould but so well balanced & put together. Lovely feminine head & expression, she used her ears so well. Nicely angulated both ends. She moved well & presented a balanced outline when standing’
Smooth Collie Club Open Show
1st NB, Marianne Benton ’18mths super tri. Very pretty bitch, lovely head, nice muzzle, perfect stop, lovely dark eyes. Great ear carriage that were bang on top and used to advantage. Good angulations front and rear. Nice tidy feet.  When settled move extremely well. Only criticism is that she is too small.’
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Club Ch Show
1st JB, Ann Hassock ‘Nice make and shape, good neck and ears, moved well.’

Mansfield Open, April
2nd. AVNSC PG, Lynne Salt

Crufts, March
2nd JB, Bev White ‘ another complete opposite. Much smaller bitch but again, all in proportion. Well angulated but not quite the movement of 1. Lovely head type & super expression’
British Collie Club Ch
3rd JB, Mr C-P Fricke

Matlock Open Show, February
1st PGB, BOB, Yvonne McGrath ‘eye catching 16 month old. Very sound and with the sweetest of heads, good ears and beautiful obliquely set dark eyes. She is very good black and in lovely condition. BOB’
Yorkshire Collie Open Show
1st JB, Joy Walker ‘another gleaming tri of 14 months from this kennel who decided to have a silly moment & was not keen to be handled. She is not a big girl but everything is in proportion. Has a good length of head, alert well placed ears & dark eyes all combining to give a pleasing expression. Balanced throughout with good reach of neck onto well placed shoulders, straight front & good bend of stifles. Excelled in profile & moved with style.’

Manchester Ch Show, January
1st JB, Ms Delia Moores ‘ Stood alone, but a worthy winner. Tricolour with clean wedge head, flat skull topped with good ears used to advantage. Good length of neck and back, just wish she was slightly taller. Moved well.’

LKA Ch Show, December
1st JB, Mr B House ‘Petite tri bitch, excellent shape, Super movement, Jet black coat in wonderful condition, lovely sweet eye and expression. I feel that she will win many more classes and go on to top honours in time. Really liked her.’
British Collie Open Show
1st JB, Mr A Staniland ‘Nice compact shape, clean head with good well set and placed ears, moved well and handled and presented very well.’

Collie Association Ch Show, November
1st JB, Sheila Beeney ’12 month tricolour just out of puppy. She has a lovely wedge head with a flat skull and good eye and ear placement giving a lovely alert expression. Although her front and rear angulation is good she is not quite in proportion and needs more length of leg.’

Lancs & Cheshire Open Show, October
1st PB, BPIB,BB, RBOB, BPIS, Mr W Rogerson ‘a beautiful 10 month tri who I fell in love with. She has a lovely head with beautiful dark almond shaped eyes that make you wish she was yours. Her make & shape is excellent & she moved effortlessly around the ring. I had no hesitation in awarding her BB, RBOB & BP. I was delighted when the BIS judge gave her BPIS.’

Pollard Open Show, September
2nd J, BPIB, Puppy Group 2, Mr D Chapman
1st PB, Geoff Hyde ’10 months tri, another nice puppy with the darkest of eyes, pretty head & neat well placed ears, good body shape & moved well, not a criticism but she was splaying her feet on the move which just spoiled it for her.’
Darlington Ch Show
1st PB, BPIB, Mrs G C Chapman ’10½ months but what a cracker. So well put together, super body & balance for age. Quality bone & feet, head is lovely & feminine with dark eyes & well set ears. On the move already has superb hind action with drive from using her hocks, just needs to firm a little in front to complete the picture.’

Welsh Kennel Club Ch Show, August
1st PB, BPIB, Jeff Horswell ‘sweet baby who has some growing to do. Has a feminine, clean head. Well set ears. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Can firm in topline. Well made rear. Moves quite well.’ Shortlisted in the Puppy Group

Leeds Ch Show, July
1st PB, BPIB, Debbie Chatfield ‘a real sweetie, could easily take her home, a super tri, well balanced for her age, head handles well, dark almond eye, nicely placed stop & good ears, lovely reach of neck leading to good shoulder placement, nice level topline with slight rise over loin, well angulated front & rear, moved well around the ring.’
Alfreton Open Show
1st JD/B, BOB, BPIB, Puppy Group 1, Tony Iley ‘a lovely 8 months tri with excellent promise for the future. Good angulation front & rear with a level topline excellent reach of neck & a well balanced head with good placement & well used ears correctly placed & good shaped eye giving a lovely expression. BOB, PG1, Puppy Stakes winner.’
1st Minor Puppy Dog or Bitch Stakes, Diane Mottram ‘Cracking young bitch, correct head, and feminine with nice eye, good overall balance and proportions, moving out soundly with ease.’
NWPB Ch Show
2nd Puppy Bitch, Tony Foster ‘very young tri with a lovely head forming, correct ear placement & showed them all the time. Lovely reach of neck & laid back shoulders, at the moment she is still in the developing stages, hence a bit long in the back, but that will change with maturity, correct tailset, & her movement was very good for her age. Again one for the future.’

Blackpool Ch Show, June
2nd Junior Bitch, BPIB, Hans Van Den Berg ‘7 months, now a bit low on legs, very nice head shape with a dark eye & good earset, needs time to get a stronger topline, good coat texture, active mover.’
London Collie Club Ch Show
1st Puppy Bitch, RBPIB, Fran Kaye ‘What a poppet Tri baby with lots of charisma feminine head darkest of eyes giving super expression used her ears to show off her virtues moved well just needs to firm up could take her home.’
British Collie Club Open Show
1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy in Show, Jill Oliver ‘Very pretty 6 months tricolour.  Very well behaved for one so young.  Head is clean with correct stop.  Sweet eye and expression and neat ears, which she used. Moved very well and attentive to her handler.’

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show, May
1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy in Show, Joe Chorley ‘well made 6 months puppy, pleasing head with flat skull, good stop, nicely moulded foreface, good eye and ears, good neck onto nice shoulders and front, good body, nice rear angulation, moved well’
Best Puppy in Show – Yorkshire Collie Open ShowBIS judge (Angela Harvey)
‘Best Puppy In Show went to the tricolour smooth bitch BRECKAMORE BITTER SWEET FOR KOCZKODAN. What a poppet she is, so full of personality, she behaved like a little star! Petite and feminine at barely 6 months, but what super bone and no sign of weakness in her at all. Lovely straight front and strong hocks, she uses her body and arches her neck, ears are bang on top where they should be, showing off a gorgeous expression. She is so well balanced, and so well coordinated on the move, what a temptress!’
Scottish Kennel Club Ch Show
1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed, Andrew Brace ‘6 months tri bitch, a real baby but with so much promise. Excellent head with good planes, neat expressive eye & well placed & carried ears. Nicely crested neck, good angles front & back, ideal overall balance & moved soundly. Just needs to develop & grow up but she has great quality.’