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Basic Care

The Smooth Collie is an easy breed to look after, they have a short, harsh outer coat and a dense soft undercoat which is easily cared for, requiring only a few minutes brushing each day to keep it in gleaming condition. They moult twice a year, losing the undercoat and replenishing it. At this time, a bath or shower will loosen the coat and it can be stripped out easily. Generally not fussy eaters, Smooth Collies can be fed a range of diets from dry, complete foods to a natural raw diet. The Smooth Collie (like many breeds) can be prone to poor dental hygiene and care should be taken to clean the teeth or ensure access to large, uncooked bones (non-splintering) or other dental toys (e.g. dried pigs ears, Yaker bars, stag antlers and hoof chews). As with all breeds, if time is taken to socialise and train the young Smooth Collie, you will reap the rewards with a well-mannered, happy, confident adult dog who you will be proud to have as part of the family and life-long companion.