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2x BoB, 2 x BPiB, 1 x Puppy Group 3

Dolly was born in July 2019, one of a litter of six tricolour & blue merle puppies from our Clara. Her sire is Ch Breckamore By Design, the beautiful Harry, owned by Ann French and we are very pleased that she let us use him. Dolly is owned by Andrea and has settled in well with her Smooth Fox Terriers.  She loves meeting up with her brother, Archie, who lives close by.

Show Career

Scottish Breeds Champ Show, 30 September
Res LB, Stuart Hall

Darlington Champ Show, 17 September
2nd LB, Frank Kane ‘3 year old tri – similar in type and size, good head planes but I preferred ear set and expression of the winner, balanced with good proportions, her feet and pasterns could be stronger, evident in her front movement.’

Yorkshire Collie Champ Show (no CCs), 04 September
2nd PG, Bill Rogerson ‘A lovely 3 year old tri-colour bitch that unfortunately wouldn’t let me handle her. She had nice dark eyes that gave her that sweet expression with good ear carriage. Her movement was very good and it was a shame I couldn’t go over her. Her owner told me she thought she was coming into season.’

SCCGB Champ Show, 01 September
1st PGB, Joe Smith ‘3 year old tri. Pleasing head with well shaped eye. Liked her neck and topline. Stepped out well, good rear drive.’

City of Birmingham Champ Show, 01 September
2nd PGB, Ros MacDonald ‘Another quality tri, a little more elegant in outline due to more body length. Firm topline, good tailset and carriage. Excellent hindquarters with elegant sweep to the stifle, not quite in balance with a slightly upright shoulder. Typical head, good stop, lovely eye set and shape giving a pleasing expression. Moved out well.’

CCoW Champ Show (no CCs), 19 August
2nd LB, Stefani Flower ‘3 year old Tri smaller and finer than 1st. Clean head with a slightly wider ear set and rounder eye. Good depth of chest, nice outline. Would prefer a longer tail. Moved well.’

WKC Champ Show, 19 August
1st PGB, Val Geddes

Windsor Champ Show, 02 July
3rd PGB, Fay Hutchings

Royal Cheshire Open Show, 21 June
2nd PG, Carol Canty ‘3 year old tri colour bitch. A well grown bitch with a good head. Has a lovely expression with good teeth and erect ears. Good angulations all round. Topline held on the move.’

WECS Champ Show, 19 June
1st PGB, Bev White ‘Elegant tri bitch with a most pleasing outline. Super reach of neck and length of back. Could have a slightly better laid shoulder, Well angulated at the rear. Very nice head and very pleasing expression. Lovely eye placement and good stop. Moved really well.’

London Collie Champ Show, 12 June
3rd PGB, Miranda Blake

Bath Champ Show, 29 May
1st PGB, Sue Bird ‘Feminine bitch, wedge shaped head with nicely tipped ears, dark obliquely set eyes, moderate arch of neck on well placed shoulders with good depth to chest and ribs well sprung, firm back with strong loin and good rear angulation with plenty of muscle tone, well bent stifle and hocks well let down, feet well padded, her steady ground covering movement won her this class.’

SKC Champ Show, 21 May
2nd PGB, Stuart Mallard ‘Rising 3 this tri conveys a reasonable outline and head, would prefer a darker eye. Lovely feet and well made hindquarters. Topline could be firmer. Harsh coat.’

SCCGB Open Show (2), 14 May
2nd PGB, Abby Lusty ‘2yrs old. More compact bitch than 1, wish she was a touch longer in loin. Feminine head with well placed eye and ears used to advantage giving the desired expression. Good front with decent fore chest. Her construction suggested she would move well however in reality she made a mess of it. She didn’t seem to settle and Heart and Soul’s sound gait could not be denied. I hope to see her settle on another day.’

SCCGB Open Show (1), 14 May
1st PGB, Brian Hull

Birmingham National Champ Show, 08 May
2nd PGB, Sue Hewart-Chambers

Lancs & Cheshire Champ Show, 01 May
1st PGB, Barrie Croft ‘Tri, quality 3 year old, feminine body shape, excellent bite, ears correct, deep brisket, straight front, feet could be a little tighter, tight elbows, free easy ground covering action, liked this girl.’

British Collie Club Champ Show (2), 05 March
2nd PGB, Trevor Hayward ‘Tricolour, nice type, head, lovely sweet eye, neat ears, good conformation, moved well.’

British Collie Club Champ Show (1), 05 March
1st PGB, Sandra Wigglesworth ‘I loved her outline as she stands and shows, she has a good head profile with parallel planes, she has a good flat skull, sweet eye and expression and good ears, unfortunately the same heavy flews without a lipline, which seems to have crept into the breed, good depth and spring of rib, good turn of stifle, moved well and well handled.’

Lichfield Open Show, 29 January
1st PG, BoB, Graham Hill ‘A well constructed two and a half year old who has a mature, finished appearance. Attractive in head and expression. True in front, nicely bodied and moderately angled firm hindquarters. Moved with a positive true action. Best of Breed.’


Yorkshire Collie Open, November
2nd Limit, Deb Bell ‘2 year old Tri bitch with a lovely sweet expression. Correct ears, well used. Finer in build than the winner and lacking in forechest but moved soundly round the ring.’

SKC Champ, October
2nd Post Graduate Bitch, Jill Peak ‘2 yr old bitch, like more of her all through, like more bone and substance, feet bit flat, moved soundly.’


Crufts, March
3rd PB, Mr JG Francis ‘ Another Tri with a balanced head nice angles at shoulder, good spring of rib good overall body shape moved ok.’

British Collie Club Champ Show, February
2nd PB, Anne Smith ‘7 mth tri still very much a baby. A little unbalanced at the moment, however she moves steadily which gave her her place. Lovely flat backskull, neat ears, well fitting jet black coat and tight feet.’

St Helen’s Open Show
1st Junior, RBOB, BPIB, Pastoral Puppy Group 3, Steve Bennett ‘Richardson. Koczokdan Sweet Dreams of Lizoni. 8-month-old Tri coloured very promising girl. Very nice lovely temperament. Still growing and developing into her head and body. Moderately boned throughout. Proportionate smooth head and body size ratios, balanced muzzle and skull with visible stop, Parallel head planes, good condition dentation, scissor bite, black nose, Dark almond shaped eyes solid pigmentation, semi erect forward facing tipped ears, Good front and rear angulations legs front legs straight and parallel good pasterns, distinct carpus. ribs sprung. level topline. Tail reaching down too. Good condition and texture of coat well presented. Tendency to pace but impressively corrects herself on the move, her movement improved the longer she was in the ring and group.
Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show
3rd Puppy, Amy Kinsey ‘ 7 months old, tri bitch. This bitch has a lot to offer but a little raw at present. Lovely shape overall, with a sweet head and alert expression with ears used at all times. Good dark eye, obliquely set with level plains, and clean throughout.  Front needs to tighten a little due to age but rear angulation and lovely tight feet made her move extremely well once settled.  Arched neck and lovely long tail which wagged non-stop. Look forward to seeing this one mature over time (BPB).’

Lichfield Open Show, January
1st Puppy, BPIB, Kathie Kinton ‘ Litter brother & sister who I am sure will change places many times throughout their showing career, little to split the two but 1st a bit more settled therefore moved better… Tri bitch just 6 months old front angulation good. Well-shaped & placed ears. Correct aloof & proud expression. Once settled moved correctly with a good side gait. Best Puppy.’
Manchester Champ Show
Res PB, 2nd JB, Albert Wight

Health Tests

CEA eye clear at 7 weeks

CEA DNA carrier

DM clear

PRA (rcd2) non carrier

MDR1 affected

DMS low risk (aabbCC)

Merle gene (M locus) m/m (non merle)

COI 16.6% (Coefficient of Inbreeding)

The pedigree data used to calculate this result extended back as far as 18 generations with the first 7 generations being fully complete. Data provided by the Kennel Club.


2022 Dolly and Obi (Blamorder Opulence for Himinnsaga)

Seven puppies born December 2022

2021 Dolly and Sven (Blamorder Bring Him Home)

Four tri girls and one tri boy