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Rainbow Bridge

Enzo was a handsome tri colour with a lovely white blaze along his nose. Brother to Enza and born on 17th May 2012, Enzo lived with our friend Deb where he enjoyed being part of a busy household and was much loved by the whole family.

His show career was quietly successful.  He qualified for Crufts 2013, 2014 and 2015.  Enzo gained two Best Puppy Dog in Breed places (Lancs & Cheshire and Scottish Kennel Club Championship Shows), which qualified him for the Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain’s ‘Puppy of the Year’ competition in 2015.

Having mostly retired from showing, he enjoyed spending time with his half-brother, Ripley and his favourite trick was to play bow!  Enzo passed his Kennel Club Good Citizen’s Bronze Test at five months old.

Enzo left us too soon aged nine years old, leaving behind a big hole in all our hearts.

Show Career


Collie Association Open Show, May
1st Postgrad Dog, Ann French ‘Tri of 3 years, nice shape, moved okay but sadly very unsettled by the low flying aircraft.’

St Helen’s & District Open
3rd PGD, Fay Hutchings


Lancs & Cheshire Ch, May
1st PGD, Mr Peter Bailey ’23 months tri who pleased in outline, he has a well balanced head. breed type, eyes are good, earset & carraige a little low but a good sound male, moved well & a good class winner’

Yorkshire Collie Club Open
1st PGD, Judith Gregory, ‘2 year old tri-coloured dog. Good dark eye and correct bite. Well covered body and lovely long tail. Erratic movement.’


British Open, December
1st PGD, Lena Newman ‘tricolour dog, correct size, his stop is a little too pronounced and ears too soft, good spring of rib and length of body, a little steep in upper arm and slightly weak in back end, moved well enough, coat of correct texture and in good condition’

Smooth Collie Club of GB Ch, September
2nd JD, Maria Foulston, ‘ Tri, Little heavy in head and over shoulder, not as settled as 1st and did not move as well. ‘

Darlington Ch
2nd JD/B, Mrs V Foss

Leeds Ch, July
1st JD, Geoff Hyde ‘well grown tri colour shown in good order,  14 months old possesses a good length of head, good neck and body shape, movement difficult to assess due to him being too full of himself, when he settles he should do quite well.’

Yorkshire Collie Club Open, May
1st Junior Dog, Simon Burton  ‘Young tri dog only a week out of puppy and looking and behaving like it! Delightful temperament though and full of the joys. A little square at the moment and needing to drop into himself which is to be expected. A masculine, typy head developing of good length with good eye and correct stop, hope his ears sort themselves out. Good flow over topline and depth of body with pleasing rear angulation and super length of tail. Shoulder could have a little more layback and this showed through on the move as it restricts his extension in front. Surprisingly accurate up and down for a dog of his age but his well muscled condition would have a lot to do with that. In great coat with a lovely healthy sheen and I did note his lovely feet. Someone works hard on this dog and it shows to their credit – well done.’

Scottish Kennel Club Ch
3rd JD/B, Best Puppy Dog, Reserve Best Puppy in Breed, Derek Smith

Lancs & Cheshire Collie Club Ch
1st PD, Best Puppy Dog, Reserve Best Puppy in Breed, Jeff Horswell ‘Masculine 11 months tri. Lengthy wedge head, clean cheeks.  Dark Eyes, ears a little low set. Enough neck. Well laid shoulder. Super feet. Well ribbed body. Level topline. Could have a little more hind angulation. Fairly true out and back, used rear well when got into a stride.’

Crufts, March
3rd Special Puppy Dog, Mrs P Sewell ‘Tri of correct size, in nice coat & condition. Another who needs time for his head to finish but has rather a full eye, moved soundly.’

Pontefract Open, February
3rd AVNSC Pastoral Puppy,  Mr M Robinson

Darlington Open
1st AV Pastoral Puppy, Jon Crossley ‘Stood alone nevertheless this is a quality puppy. Alert and never stopped showing. Nice head and neck. Wedge head, alert expression, set on well arched neck. Ample angulation. Sound on the move.’


LKA Ch, December
3rd Minor Puppy Dog, Eleanor Kitchen

Otley Open
Reserve AVSNC Pastoral Puppy, Denise Rowan

Barney was our first Smooth from Delia Moores’ Manordeifi kennels and our introduction to this wonderful breed. 

Barney attended several Rough and Smooth Collie Training Association Fun Days and gained his Kennel Club Good Citizen’s Bronze Award at one of these.  He went on camping holidays with us, exploring coast and moorland, museums and parks all over the UK.  He travelled down mines, on boats and even on several steam trains.

Barney assisted me (Kirsty) in completing my HNC in Canine Behaviour and Training, a two year course that involved, amongst other things, teaching Barney various canine disciplines, such as agility, flyball, tracking and obedience.  Throughout the course, Barney was a constant, calming, steady influence.  He enjoyed himself thoroughly and always attempted anything that was asked of him.

Following on from this, whilst I was a trainer for Canine Partners Barney also learnt how to be an assistance dog,   He was taught how to empty washing machines, remove socks and various other day-to-day tasks as part of his role as a Demonstration dog for the area.

As a senior citizen, Barney lived a more relaxed life, however he was always the heart and soul of our family group, being Great-Uncle Barney to our first litter of puppies.  He enjoyed nothing more than playing with the puppies in the garden and rolling on the grass in the sunshine. Barney passed away in December 2014 and is very much missed by us all, humans and dogs.

Our feisty little tricolour girl, she wasn’t with us long but made a lasting impression & was a sweetheart.

The first dog I (Kirsty) owned after leaving home, this blue merle Rough Collie had a big impact on my life, he travelled everywhere with us and once joined by Barney, he was one half of a fantastic duo.