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1 x RCC, 2 x RBiS, 7x BoB, 5x RBoB, 1x Pastoral Group 3, 1x BPiS, 3x BPiB, 3x BViS, 2x RBViS, 2x Pastoral Veteran 1

River was born in August 2016, one of a litter of six tricolour puppies from our Dilys.  River has settled in well with the rest of the dogs and loves to join in with the play and runs around after the others at every opportunity.  Her sire is Ch Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore JW, the gorgeous Sheldon, owned by Ann French and we are very pleased that she let us use him.

River started her show career well, with Best Puppy in Breed at Scottish Breeds Championship Show 2017, where she went on to be shortlisted in the Puppy Group.  She also won Best Puppy in Show at the Collie Association Open Show and BPIB and Reserve Best Bitch at East Anglian Collie Association Champ Show which made us very proud.  In 2018 she was RBOB at Matlock Open Show and had several other nice class placings before taking a break in the summer to have her first litter of puppies.  She has proved to be just as good a mother as her dam, Dilys.

She was only lightly shown in 2019 gaining another RBOB, followed by Best of Breed at Matlock Open Show in 2020. River went on to have her second litter in June 2021 and was back in the show ring in August, gaining her first Reserve Challenge Certificate under breed specialist Delia Moores at the SCCGB Championship Show.

River, and her daughter Hope, are now owned by and live with Elaine. Along with Obi, they are the foundation of her kennels under the Himinnsaga affix.

River returned to the show ring in 2023, with a very successful debut, gaining Best of Breed and Reserve Best in Show at Yorkshire Collie Open (Feb). In August 2023, she became a Veteran (when she turned seven years old) and is now back in the show ring following in her mum’s footsteps, currently working towards her Veteran Warrant.

Health Tests

CEA eye clear at 7 weeks
CEA DNA carrier
DM clear PRA(rcd2) non carrier
MDR1 affected
DMS low risk (AabbCC)
Merle gene (M locus) m/m (non merle)

COI 8.9% (Coefficient of Inbreeding)

The pedigree data used to calculate this result extended back as far as 17 generations with the first 5 generations being fully complete. Data provided by the Kennel Club.

2021 River and Flynn

Two tricolour bitches, one blue merle bitch and two blue merle dogs.

2018 River and Finn

One tricolour boy and one sable & white boy

See Previous litters page for further details.