River, Show Career


SCCGB Ch (2020), September
VHC LB, Birgit Hayward

Yorkshire Collie Ch, September
3rd LD/B, Angela Harvey

SCCGB Champ Show, August
1st LB, Bitch RCC, Delia Moores


Matlock Show, February
1st Open, BOB, Pete Simmons ‘3 yrs of age good height to length ratio good in profile when stood, well balanced, pleasing head with a good eye shape giving a sweet expression, good arch of neck into good shoulders well angulated, good straight front with ample bone but not overdone, pleasing depth of chest with a good spring of rib. Good length of loin, topline firm into good hind quarters with a good turn of stifle. Moved effortlessly with good length of stride with good rear drive, in good condition with good muscle tone. BOB.’

Manchester Champ Show, January
Res PGB, Albert Wight


British Collie Club Open Show, December
2nd Open, Josh Blackburn ‘ Tri-colour in lovely condition, pleasing head qualities, good front, good shoulders, pleasing neck, good length of back, nice shape. Moved and showed well. Unlucky to meet 1.’

Grantham Open Show, October
2nd AVNSC Open, Mrs P Lepley ‘Another impressive Smooth Collie with a good head, good neck and shoulders. Angulation correct and she moved well.’
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Open Show
3rd OB, Jan Milligan

Lancs & Cheshire Collie Club Ch Show, May
1st PGB Sandra Wigglesworth ‘similar remarks apply to Midnight Sun.  Longer on the leg and needs more time.’

British Collie Club Champ Show, February
2nd PGB, Michelle Fort ‘2yr tri, smaller than winner but still with in standard, another with good head eye and expression good neck straight front, level topline well angulated in rear, moved soundly.’

Yorkshire Collie Open Show, January
1st PGB,Sophie Wray, ‘I really liked this 2 year old tri bitch. Another with a super outline with a lovely reach of neck and good length of back. Good front and rear angulation, which allowed her to move freely and with reach and drive. Good, rounded bone and neat feet. Loved her eye and expression, clean wedge head with a flat skull and good stop. Well set ears which she used well. Showed non stop. Reserve Best Bitch and Reserve Best of Breed’


Collie Association Ch Show, November
1st PGB,Mrs J Gregory, ‘Tricoloured bitch with lovely head, excellent neck, good shoulder angulation, firm topline. Maturing nicely with a little more body than second. She won this class on her superior front movement.’

SKC Ch Show, May
1st PGB, Ruth Gibson ‘nice Tri bitch of good size and length.  Lovely head with sweet expression only marred by her wide set ears. Lovely dark eye. Good neck which flowed into a correct topline. Good angulation front and rear, moved well.’
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Ch Show
1st PGB, Peter Bailey ‘a tri colour bitch again one in tip top order,coat condition was sparkling jet black with very pleasing tan and white markings her head pattern was good she has a lovely expression body make and shape very sound movement was very good both fwd and rear a nice bitch thank you.’

Collie Association Open Show, April
3rd SpYB, Mr G Gray ‘ 16 months Tri, smaller & lighter in build than 1&2, lovely headpiece, nice dark eye, good mouth, good ears carried well, strong neck into well laid shoulder, a shade steep in upper arm, stood on ample bone and nice oval feet. Level back into well moulded croup, good width of thigh but would prefer more bend of stifle. She needs to settle on the move.’
SCCGB Open Show
3rd PGB, Maxine Mellish

British Collie Ch Show, March
3rd PGB, John Geddes
Crufts Ch Show
2nd PGB, Sara Robertson ‘ Another who needs to settle on the move, good shape and firm topline, head with parallel and straight lines.  Pleasing front and rear.’

Matlock Open Show, February
1st JD/B, RBOB, Angela Harvey ‘Petite tricolour bitch with a pleasing head. Super chin, tight lip line, flat skull,just hope she fills out a little more in muzzle as she matures. Super expression from dark eyes. Nicely angulated, good bone for her size, very attentive to handler.’

Manchester Ch Show, January
1st JB, Fran Kaye ‘ Excellent mover, balanced angulations fore and aft, attractive head, dark eye, pleasing expression, well placed and used ears, good straight front and length of rib flow over croup.’


Bridlington Open Show, December
2nd AVNSC J, Colin Ashmore

Collie Association Ch Show, November
2nd JB, Mrs J Milligan ‘Tri lady feminine expression, balanced head with good neck, dark eye, good ear carriage.  Well angulated throughout, moved well holding topline.’

Lancs & Cheshire Open Show, October
1st JB, RBB, Julia Swann ‘Again a good breed type, lovely head well proportioned with flat skull, correct ear shape and lovely almond eyes, mouth scissor bite, nice clean white teeth, lots to like so well constructed, nice front and good hind quarters strong and  powerful, coat weather proof, tail carried low, she also had a lovely temperament.’

Pollard Open Show, September
3rd Junior AVNSC, Mr K Goodwin
Darlington Ch Show
2nd JB, Michelle Fort ‘ Tri similar type to the winner, another with a good head eye and expression, a good show girl making the most of her body shape, in good condition and moving well.’
City of Birmingham Ch Show
VHC JB, Sue Hewart-Chambers
VHC JB, Stuart Mallard

EACA Ch Show, August
1st JD/B, BPIB, RBB, Mrs A Hodgson ‘Very appealing Tri b, well balanced head with flat skull, pleasing expression, good neck and body shape, harsh tight coat, moved well. BP.’

Leeds Ch Show, July
2nd PB, Mr K R Newhouse ‘ Very pretty head and expression. Body developing well, correct neck. Just needs more ring training.’

London Collie Club Ch Show, June
2nd PB, Eleanor Kitchen ‘Litter sister to puppy dog winner and equally as nice,just unlucky to come up against the first, no doubt they will change places many times. she too was in sparkling form, her tricolour coat gleaming, head developing nicely, ample neck, good body shape and quarters, moved soundly on well boned legs and neat feet.’
British Collie Club Open Show
1st PB, BPB, RBPiB, Ann French ‘feminine tri of 9 months, with the desired sweet expression, beautiful dark eye, correct ear placement, good reach of neck, correct turn of stifle. Well presented. Moves out very well, should have bright future.’

Collie Association Open Show, May
1st SYB, BPIB, BPIS (Bev White), Mr J Smith ‘9 months & this puppy had style. Lovely head & expression, clean front with good shoulder placement, sound body. Good width & depth of chest. She held her shape on the move. Confident on the move. Loved her balanced profile in stance. BPB, BP & later BPIS’
Bev White ‘BPIS went to Russell’s Smooth Collie Koczkodan Serenity.  Very promising feminine bitch.  So well constructed and this showed in the effortless way she moved round the ring.  Should have a bright future.’
Smooth Collie Club Open Show
Res PB, Marianne Benton
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Club Ch Show
2nd PB, Ann Hassock ‘tri bitch, not as mature as 1, however well put together, moved and showed well.’

WELKS Ch Show, April
Res Puppy B, Mr A Wight
Mansfield Open
2nd. AVNSC Puppy, Lynne Salt

Scottish Breeds Ch, March
1st PB, BPIB Mike Vincent, ‘ very smart tri presenting a lovely outline. Correct head with neat dark eye giving the desires expression. Correct ears, super length of neck, well angulated shoulders, lovely topline, deep chest, well ribbed, moved smoothly’ shortlisted for Best Puppy in Show (Val Foss).
British Collie Club Ch
3rd PB, Mr C-P Fricke

Matlock Open Show, February
2nd J, Yvonne McGrath ‘Littermates and similar comments apply to both very well put together puppies, good bone and lovely for type. Well set ears and good fill of muzzle. Just felt the male was more mature and pulled it all together on the day. I will be interested to see how they both develop.’