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Ása, June 2023

Koczkodan Steel My Heart (Ása) x Blamorder New Dawn over Lionsridge (Kenzi)

Koczkodan Out Of The Blue


Blossom has joined Monty, the Sable & White Smooth Collie and will be learning all about agility with him.

Koczkodan How About That


Lacey now lives with her French Bulldog companion Peggy.

Koczkodan Well I Never


Harvey now lives with his new owners and is looking forward to learning all about showing.

Koczkodan How Remarkable


Laramie lives with his ‘big brother’ Ferdinand the Australian Shepherd and is learning how to be a very good boy!

Koczkodan You Don’t Say


Bodhi is living near Reading and living life to the fullest with his new family.