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Dilys, August 2016

Manordeifi Satin Doll of Koczkodan (Dilys) x Ch Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore JW (Sheldon)

Koczkodan Discovery


Now living with her family in Derbyshire, Lara enjoys lots of walks in the beautiful countryside.

“She continues to be an absolute delight! … we often call her a princess. She tip toes around mud and puddles… and loves to curl up as soon as we’re back from our walks. …She’s great with small children, really tolerant and she looks very worried if she hears them crying. Lara is very much loved. She is one of the family and pretty well goes everywhere with us.”

Koczkodan Enterprise


Merlin has settled in well with his family in Oxfordshire, having had few adventures so far (including falling in the pond and now crossing the pond to the States on holiday!).

“He is now a very handsome dog and gets so many compliments everywhere.  He is having an intense summer full of new experiences, travel, cities, new places, and he is taking it all in with great enthusiasm! Anything that involves running or kids is guaranteed to make him happy.”

Koczkodan Galactica


Meg is living with her owner on a smallholding in Cheshire, where life is full of fun and adventure, snuggling up in front of the Aga or out running across the fields. “She has grown into a lovely dog with an intelligent face and eye and long elegant body. She is very fast with an easy lope that covers ground well and then she can sprint! She is supple and can ‘dribble’ with a football marvellously.  I think she would have made an excellent sheep dog.”

Koczkodan Liberator


Percy is living with his half brother Monty (from Dilys’ first litter), where he enjoying lots of play and helping with the gardening (at least the digging part anyway!).

“Percy is a source of amusement… he is always on the go then suddenly sleep takes over, but not for long!  Monty plays with him a lot.  He is remarkably gentle… and long suffering  We love them!”

Koczkodan Nostromo


Ripley is owned and lives with our good friend, Deb.  As well as being shown, he has sired several litters of puppies including our 2021 litter with Daisy. Further details about him can be found on his own page.

Koczkodan Serenity


River lived with us until 2020, she was adored by the rest of our dogs and us.  She has been shown lightly and had a litter of puppies in 2018.  In 2020, she moved to live with our good friend, Elaine, and in 2021 she had her second litter of puppies (including our Ása) Further details about her can be found on her own page under Elaine’s Himinnsaga affix.