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Ása, Show Career

Manchester Champ, 19 January
1st Post Graduate Bitch, Amy Kinsey ‘Lovely clear blue evenly marked. Feminine head and expression but one ear not tipping today. Long neck, well set shoulders and front angulation with rear to match. Lovely balanced movement with correct gait.’

EACA Collie of The Year Competition, 08 January
Runner-Up Puppy of the Year, Stella Clark, Michaela Rukopf

Burton on Trent Open Show, 04 December
1st Junior, Justine Waldron ‘17-month-old blue merle. Good head pattern with correct wedge shaped head and correct amount of stop. Well placed eyes. Good laid back of should with matching rear. Moved out soundly and positively to win this class.’

Midland Counties Champ Show (no CCs), 28 October
2nd PG Bitch, Britt-Marie Young ‘Feminine young b/m bitch, very attentive with expressive eyes, nicely constructed and balanced, good reach of neck, good bone for frame and well bent stifles. Not as mature as one above who also scored in movement.’

Lancs and Cheshire Collie Club Open Show, 16 October
1st Junior, Mrs M Grindley ‘A lovely well broken blue merle of a beautiful silver blue colour which enhanced her shape and overall balance. She has a lovely clean wedge shaped head, sweet eye, but her ears need to settle to complete the picture. She has a lovely length of neck and correct shoulder placement, good length of back to height, nice neat short pasterns and moved very well for handler.’

Stafford Open Show, 23 September
1st Junior, Andrea Richardson ’15 month old blue merle bitch, lovely colour with distinct marbling. Feminine well proportioned head, correct almond eye, with good ear set. Arched neck leading into well set shoulders framing correct front angulation. Good depth of chest, level topline sloping away in excellent tailset with tail of good length. Well muscled rear with good rear angulation. Lovely small, neat feet. Moved well with great reach and drive.’

Yorkshire Collie Champ Show (no CCs), 04 September
2nd Junior, Bill Rogerson ‘A 15th month old Blue Merle with a balanced head, dark eye and ear carriage. Good top-line and moved ok.’

Huntingdonshire Open Show, 20 August
1st Junior, 1st Post Graduate, Reserve Best of Breed, Sally Pointon ‘feminine 14 months blue merle, full of lovely type and quality, well-proportioned head with strong underjaw, well set eyes and ears, sweetest expression, well arched neck of good length, stands up well on sound limbs and neat well-padded oval feet, good depth brisket and spring ribs, strong hocks, sound effortless mover, in fine coat and condition. RBOB’

Otley Open Show, 2 August
1st Post Graduate, Best of Breed, Laura Jay ‘I was very taken with these two 13 month old litter sisters who were both very well constructed and effortless movers…Blue merle tri presenting an eye-catching outline standing, perfectly balanced with good reach of neck, shoulders sloping well back and correct amount of bone, good bend of stifle and well let down hocks, she has a bright future ahead of her I’m sure.’

Windsor Ch Show, 2 July
1st Junior, Fay Hutchings ‘Really pretty Blue Merle girl, loved her pretty head with lovely shape eye, Beautiful shape standing and looked a picture in profile, on the move. a little fidgety at times, but what I saw I liked, moved really well to take this class as was pushed all the way. Hope she settles in time as I’m sure she could get in that upper drawer.’

WECS Ch Show, 19 June
3rd Junior, Bev White

Ashfield (Notts) Open Show, 12 June
1st Junior, Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed, Christina Dalby ’12 months on the day blue Merle bitch, what a sweetheart, stood beautifully and moved effortlessly and smoothly in all directions, feminine head of good proportions with nice almond eye and ear set, correct scissor bite. Good length to neck and back with super angulations front and rear, good spring of rib and deep chest, very balanced throughout. Well let down hocks and tail of correct length which she carried well on the move, super condition, this young lady will have a bright future, a pleasure to award her BPIB and BOB’

Riddings Open Show, 05 June
1st Puppy, Best Puppy in Breed, Pastoral Puppy Group 2, Ray Wilkinson ’11 months old female well grown with good head nice length of neck and shoulder placement in good overall condition sound mover.’

Yorkshire Collie Open Show, 28 May
1st Puppy, Best Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed, Reserve Best of Breed, Reserve Best Puppy in Show, Louise Williams (Jill Oliver BiS ‘Aptly named for she is a really pretty blue merle with lovely sweet face. Her eye placement is just right and her correctly placed ears gave sweet expression. Moved very soundly. Unlucky to meet winner in such good form. RES.B.P.I.S.’ )

SKC Champ Show, 21 May
2nd Puppy Bitch, Stuart Mallard ‘Quite close up. I liked this 11 m.o. profile and delightful head. B/m her coat is clear and bright. She carries a clean lean head with nicely rounded muzzle and eyes well placed. Well laid shoulders although I just favoured the front of the winner. Balanced body with good substance. Sound light movement.’

Birmingham National Champ Show, 8 May
3rd Puppy Bitch, Sue Hewart-Chambers

Lancs & Cheshire Collie Champ Show, 1 May
3rd Puppy Bitch, Barry Croft

Edwinstowe Open Show, 15 April
1st Puppy, Reserve Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed, June Fort ‘10 month old. Feminine merle with good head pattern, correct eye and dentition, neck well arched into well angulated front, level topline and correct rear. In profile well balanced moving with the required length of stride. BP’

East Anglian Collie Association Open Show, 10 April
1st Puppy, Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy in Show, Jacky Cutler ‘What a thrill to see a full class of Smooth babies, and this one stood out for me. At not quite ten months this blue merle bitch was an absolute picture, such a pretty head with well placed eyes and ears which she used to advantage. Super neck into a flowing backline, with just the right amount of rise over the loin. Well grown and balanced throughout with enough substance but still elegant and looking every inch a proper Smooth. Excellent angulation, coat of a lovely clear colour and smart on the move. Won this class with ease and was good enough in my book to go on and take Best of Breed as well as Best Puppy then Best Puppy in Show. Will watch her future progress with interest.’

St Helens Open, 20 February
1st Puppy, BPiB, Sophie Wray-Ramsden ‘All 3 puppies here were of a similar age and stage of their development and developing in different areas. All 3 had a super time and were thoroughly enjoying their day, which is what it’s all about! 1 Russell’s Koczkodan Steel My Heart, 8-months blue merle bitch, she won this class on her overall outline and head properties with a good neck and good length of back. Very clean wedge head with a nice eye and well set ears which she used well, flat skull and a good stop. Good bone and moved well.’

Yorkshire Collie Club Open, 13 February
1st PD/B, BPiB, BPiS, Julia Swann ‘Sweet puppy, blue merle, so nice to go over her, so much to like about her, still a young puppy, correct head shape for the breed, nice almond shaped eyes, mouth scissor bite and neck good length, well sprung ribs, deep chest, hind quarters, hock well let down, coat in super condition, nice well padded feet with short nails, tail carried low.’ (Sandra Wigglesworth BiS)

Isle of Ely Open Show, 05 February
2nd Puppy, Adrian Bicknell ‘Well made and sound. Correct shaped head with good lines, well placed and carried ears, correct eyes and good bite. Nice arched neck and well placed shoulders. Good straight front and depth of chest. Strong topline and well angulated strong rear. Moved well.

Lichfield Open Show, 29 January
Res Puppy, Graham Hill

Manchester Ch Show, 23 January
2nd Puppy Bitch, John Ritchie ‘another lovely sweet baby blue similar in type to 1 and has many similar qualities, nice head pattern with pleasing eyes shape and good ears, moderate neck, moderate front angulation with good upper arm and shoulder length, good body proportions, moderate hind angles, tail set and carriage ok, moved soundly and steadily in all directions another promising baby.’