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SCCGB Puppy of the Year 2019, 1 x RBPIS, 1 x Puppy Group 1, 1 x Puppy Group 2, 6 x BPIB1 x Pastoral Group 2, 2 x Pastoral Group 3, 1 x Pastoral Group 4, 6 x BOB, 3 x Best AVNSC

Daisy was born in January 2018, one of a litter of four puppies from our Clara.  Her sire is our sable & white boy, Finn and we are delighted with the puppies from this litter.  Daisy is outgoing and adventurous and loves having fun with our other dogs, particularly Ása who is her best friend and Dilys who is the playful ‘aunt’.

Daisy has joined our other dogs in the show ring, highlights being winning The Smooth Collie Club Puppy of the Year Award 2019 and gaining her Junior Warrant in June 2019, an amazing start and lots of fun to be had with her in the future we hope.

Health Tests

CEA DNA carrier
Clinical eye test – clear March 2022
DM DNA clear
PRA (rcd2) non carrier
MDR1 affected
DMS low risk (aabbCc)

COI 15.1% (Coefficient of Inbreeding)

The pedigree data used to calculate this result extended back as far as 19 generations with the first 5 generations being fully complete. Data provided by the Kennel Club.


2021 Daisy and Ripley

One Sable & White bitch, two Sable & White dogs

See Previous litters page for further details.