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Finn, Show Career

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show, 27 May
1st Veteran, RBD, BViB, RBViS, Paul Richardson ‘Sable and white dog only 1 and a half weeks off his 14th birthday, lovely parallel head planes, nice ears with correct tip, lovely oval eyes and still very alert. Muscular neck, just a tad short, so didn’t quite get a good arch. Well sprung ribs and deep chest, lovely level back and still holding muscle tone at rear and his age not affecting his movement.’ (Angela Harvey In Show ‘RBVIS was the Smooth dog CH FOXEARTH FASHION GURU FOR KOCZKODAN who at 14 years of age was exceptional. How many collie can move so well at this age? he is a credit to his owner.’)

British Collie Club Open Show, November
2nd OD, RBD, Josh Blackburn ‘ Sable and White of 10 years, pleasing head and eye, good depth of chest, nice neck, good shape, moved ok.’

Smooth Collie Club of GB Open Show, May
1st VD, RBViB, Kate Arrowsmith, ‘A ten year old sable and white who still moved and showed like the champion he is. Classic head with proper wedge shape and good stop. Well marked, attractive boy.’

Yorkshire Collie Open Show, February
Res VD/B, Sophie Wray,

Manchester Ch Show, January
1st VD, Robin Searle ‘ Wonderful condition for nine and a half yrs, so very fit, correct size and length of head in balance to body, mature sensible yet intelligent temperament.’

LKA Ch Show, December
2nd VD, Brian Hawkins, ‘Pleasing head, clean, correct stop and good skull. Good length and depth of body. He moved well from the rear but toed in a tad at the front today. Very well presented and another good showman.’

Collie Association Ch Show, November
2nd VD/B, Mrs J Gregory, ‘ A very masculine nine and a half year old sable dog. Nice flat skull, good expression, very strong masculine body, just starting to show his age.’

Darlington Ch Show, September
1st VD/B, RBD, Bill Rogerson, ‘Lovely Sable and White dog with a well balanced head.  Nice eye and ear carriage.  Nice body shape with good shoulders and bend of stifle.  Moved very well.’
Yorkshire Collie Open Show
1st VD/B, BOB, BVIB, Brenda Trundley ‘This dog is a pleasure to go over, he has a well balanced head, good shoulders and bend of stifle.  He is one I have always admired from the ringside and I had no hesitation in awarding him BOB.’
BIS, BVIS, D Crapper

EACA Ch Show, August
3rd VD/B, Natalja Skalin

Leeds Ch Show, July
1st VD, DCC, RBOB, BVIB, Jan Starkey ‘ Sable, very well constructed with excellent head with dark eye, used ears well, good front and neck, harsh jacket of good colour, and moved very well. Best Veteran and Dog CC’
NWPB Ch Show
1st VD/B, Derek Smith, ‘Lovely shaded s/w shown in hard, fit condition, at 9 yrs old still has all his teeth and a super body, liked his typy head very much, just a little grey now, reachy neck, lovely outline, strong mover. ‘

London Collie Club Ch Show, June
1st VD, DCC, BOSIB, BVIB, Gwen Beadon
BVIS, Anne Hollywood, ‘A shaded sable in great condition and schooled to perfection. Clean head and nice expression and very well made all through’

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show, May
1st VD/B, BD, RBOB, BVIB, Rod Slater ‘8 yrs young S&W dog of outstanding quality. Well balanced head, eyes the correct shape, nice appealing expression, super confirmation both fore and aft.  He covered the ground effortlessly when on the move, pleased to award his best veteran dog.  The best in show judge also thought well of him, awarding him Reserve Best in Show and Best Veteran in Show, well done.’
RBIS, BVIS, Edith Pryor ‘9yr old sable/white dog of good quality much the same qualities as my BiS with enough bone and substance. Very masculine , with great presence. Overall two very nice examples of the breed.’
SKC Ch Show
3rd VD, Ruth Gibson
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Club Ch Show
1st VD, Peter Bailey ‘a sable and white in first class condition did not show any age correctly balanced head coat was in good condition he has a good overall body shape moved with a nice style.’

Collie Association Open Show, April
Res VD/B, Mr G Gray
SCCGB Open Show
1st VD, Maxine Mellish ‘ 8 year old s/w boy in fabulous condition, head handles well, very pleasing expression and eye placement. Nicely filled muzzle and good ear set. Super reach of neck, back and loin, held a firm topline on the move. Defies his age, certainly one of the fittest here today. Well deserved his award for Best Veteran Dog.’

British Collie Ch Show, March
Res VD/B, John Geddes

Manchester Ch Show, January
2nd VD, RDCC, Fran Kaye ‘Upstanding boy, excellent muscle tone, good length of head, eyes well set, attentive expression, neat ears used when required, nicely angled forequarters, good reach of neck, firm topline and croup, moved out soundly.’

LKA Ch Show, December
1st VD, RDCC, Mr JG Francis ‘ S/W at 8 years young. In excellent condition with a well balanced head, flat skull with an excellent dark, almond shaped eye. Good reach of neck into straight front. Good depth of chest, good bone and excellent make and shape. Steady and true on the move. Res CC.’

Collie Association Ch Show, November
2nd VD/B, Mrs J Milligan ‘Sable and white male of good size and well proportioned. Masculine expression, resulting from a nice eye and ear set with a well rounded muzzle.  Moved well and steady.’
L&P Ch Show
1st VD, Isobel Griffiths ‘Well coloured s/w of 8 years. Good sized boy with pleasing head and expression, level topline and well angulated fore and aft. Not too happy with the floor surface today.’

City of Birmingham Ch Show, September
1st VD, Sue Hewart-Chambers ‘8 and half year old felt he looked his age, he had an attractive head, parallel planes and tipped ears, he stood wide in front and bit heavy over shoulder, but good depth and substance. Oval feet and tad flat and down on pasterns. Good rear angulation and rounded croup, well set tail and moved out steadily.’
1st VD, Stuart Mallard ‘Masculine and mature 8 y o sable. Decent head, a tad cheeky perhaps, correct bite, flat skull, ears a shade low.  Chest developed and shoulders well placed.  He has depth to brisket and a topline to compliment.  Some turn to stifle, moved sensibly.’

Leeds Ch Show, July
3rd OD, Mr K R Newhouse
NWPB Ch Show
VHC OD , Steve Barratt

Smooth Collie of the Year, June
Reserve Veteran of the Year, Christine Leach
London Collie Club Ch Show
1st Veteran Dog, Eleanor Kitchen ‘8 yrs sable belying his age presented in good hard condition, head is still clean, with well rounded muzzle and two dark eyes and nicely tipped ears, good body, and ample bone and he moved soundly.’
British Collie Club Open Show
1st Open Dog, BD BV, RBOB, BVIS, RBIS Ann French ‘ well known 8-year-old sable & white who seems to improve with age, lovely eye, good stop, flattest of backskull, nice deep chest, carry’s and holds strong topline, good second thigh, moved and showed well, quite why he is still waiting on his third CC is beyond me, on this form it can’t be too far away.’

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show, May
1st Veteran D, RBD RBV, Duna Jones ‘ Good size and well balanced dog.  Lovely head and eye.  Moved well. RBD.’
Scottish Kennel Club Ch Show
1st Open D, DCC, Best Veteran in Breed, Reserve Best of Breed, Zena Thorn Andrews ‘Head a little heavy and ears set too low, sound boy in lovely hard condition, excellent quarters, deep chest, pasterns a little slack but he moves well in profile covering plenty of ground in side gait.’
Collie Association Open Show
1st Veteran D/B, RBD, Mr J Smith ‘ 7 year old sable male. Scored for outline & proportions, very good breed type. His head was masculine with clean skull. Well shaped eye, good mouth, good temperament. RBD‘
Smooth Collie Club Open Show
1st Veteran D, RBVIB, Marianne Benton ‘S/W of 7 years. Head has a well rounded muzzle with good underjaw. Nice stop, has a good dark eye. Nice length in neck. Good shoulder placement, good length in back. Good hocks. Moved steadily. Ran the puppy close for RBD, BVD’
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Club Ch Show
1st Veteran D, Ann Hassock ‘Shaded sable/white, nice head, good ears, good neck. Moved and showed well.’

WELKS Ch Show, April 1st Veteran D, Mr A Wight ‘8 years old, this s/w is as fit as the proverbial flea, well balanced head, eyes clear & bright in expression, so well ribbed & bodied, little weight, just muscle & condition! His neck & backline are really eyecatching, in spotless jacket & he is still lithe & fluent in action.’

Scottish Breeds Ch Show, March 1st Veteran D, Best Veteran In Breed, Mike Vincent ‘very smart shaded s/w with lovely head, dark eye, good reach of neck, deep chest, well sprung ribs, correct shoulder.Well muscled & moved with power & reach.’ Crufts 2nd Veteran D, Bev White ‘litter brother to 1 & very similar qualities. Beautiful head but not quite the eye of 1. Slightly longer cast but excellent conformation & moved well’
British Collie Club Ch Show Reserve OD, Best Veteran Dog, Reserve Best Veteran in Breed, Reserve Best Veteran in Show, Mr C-P Fricke (Mr J Luscott in show award)

Yorkshire Collie Club Show, February 1st Veteran D, Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex in Breed, Joy Walker ‘ I liked the overall make & shape of this nearly 8 years s/w, pleasing head of balanced proportions, flat skull, expressive eyes, rounded muzzle, enough stop all topped off by correctly placed ears which were used to advantage. He is nicely constructed with reach of neck, good layback of shoulders, firm topline with graceful sweep over the loins. Very attentive to his handler & gave a steady performance on the move but would have liked to have seen a little more drive from the rear. However, the size of the ring was not to his advantage & although he was the only male present I was more than happy to award him BD.’

Manchester Ch Show, January 1st Veteran D, Best Veteran in Breed, Ms Delia Moores ‘ S/w with clean wedge head, good reach of neck and length of back, moved well to win Best Veteran.’

LKA Ch Show, December
1st Veteran D, RDCC, Mr B House ‘One of only 2 Smooths here today carrying the famous Foxearth name. For a breeder who has done so much for the breed, I hope there are more of this type of collie to come. A 7year old shaded sable with lovely head , he has a lovely eye set giving a true collie expression. Excellent shape which allowed a really good movement. I really liked this lovely dog. RESERVE CC.’
British Collie Open Show
2nd Veteran D/B, BD, RBOB, Mr A Staniland ‘up to size but with a good shape & movement but was a little too happy with his tail when on the move. Handled & presented well’

Collie Association Ch Show, November
1st Veteran D/B, BD, BOB, BVIB, RBIS, BVIS, Sheila Beeney ‘Shaded sable male who at 7 years has matured into a lovely dog and is looking better than I have ever seen him. Wedge head, well filled foreface, medium sized almond eye, well placed ears, good length of neck, well developed chest and level topline. Good angulation overall well set tail of good length with the desired swirl. Very good mover. The overall picture fits the breed standard well.’

Lancs & Cheshire Open, October
1st VD, BVIB, RBD, Mr W Rogerson ‘a s/w 7 year old dog with a nice head & dark eye. Good body shape. Movement was not bad but carried his tail over his back.’

Smooth Collie Club of GB Ch, September
1st VD, BVIB, BVIS, Geoff Hyde ‘s/w that has improved with age. Long lean head, nice eye & neat ears, overall good body shape & sound on the move.’
Darlington Ch
1st VD/B, BVIB, Mrs G C Chapman ‘super headed 7½ year male, what superb muscle tone & condition throughout. Angulation very well balanced & very good tight feet. Good neck flowing into good topline. Nice depth of chest, also a joy to watch on the move, looked so easy yet covered the ground so well.’

Leeds Ch, July
1st VD, Debbie Chatfield ‘A rich shaded sable and white with ample angulation front and rear, lovely eye and uses his ears well giving him a sweet expression, however, would like a little more defined stop. Moved out well.’
Alfreton Open
1st OD/B, RBOB, Tony Iley ‘ a soundly constructed 7 years s/w dog. Good topline & reach of neck which along with good angulation front & rear produced a lovely overall appearance. Lovely correct almond shaped eye, flat skull & correctly placed & well used ears giving an excellent expression. Sound on the move.’
2nd Veteran D/B, Tony Foster ‘well shaped sable boy of 7 years, good muzzle & ears placement, has a lovely arched neck & well laid back shoulders, good strong deep chest & well sprung ribs. Good length to the body & correct tailset. His movement for his age was very good.’

London Collie Club Ch, June
1st VD, BVD, BVIB, RDCC, Fran Kaye ‘Shaded s/w. Masculine all through, like his size and shape, clean wedge head, correct stop, good eye, attentive expression, neat ears. Angulated front and rear, good croup and tail set, moved out soundly with drive, smooth even strides. Pleased to award him RCC.’

Yorkshire Collie Open, May
RBD, 1st Open Dog, Joe Chorley ‘good head pattern with nice eye and good ear carriage, pleasing front and good rear. Nice body, with good bone to legs and neat feet, level topline, moved well.’

Yorkshire Collie Open, February
RBD, 1st Open Dog, Michelle Fort “appealing s/w, good head pattern, well moulded muzzle, good ear carriage, reach of neck, well boned straight front, level topline held on the move, well let down rear pasterns, moved out well with handler. RBD.”

Collie Association Open, May
RBD, 2nd O Dog, Ann French ‘5 year old sable, Beautiful long clean head and correctly placed eye, well set ears which he could use more to advantage, good length of neck, good topline, just lacks a little in rear angulation, showed well, moved ok. RBD’

Darlington Ch, September
RBOB, BOS, BD, 1st O Dog, Bridgette Bodle ‘5 year sable, clean in outline & lovely to go over. He has good a head shape with flat skull & well set ears, straight front to good feet, looking balanced in profile, movement is smooth & true, just gave way to the smarter bitch for BOB, but still much to like.’

British Collie Club Ch, April
3rd LD, Mrs R Gibson

Yorkshire Collie Club Open, February
1st PGD, Ms P Meacham “Sable. Nice head, moved well, gay tail on move, low ear set, good neck and eye, well bodied.”

Yorkshire Collie Club Open, May
1st PGD, Simon Burton “Typy, sable male rising 4 years and sire of the JD. Smooth, flowing outline to this boy, not particularly flashy and not a butch lad but very nice to go over. Lean head with good planes, lovely flat skull and sweet eye, well positioned and neat ears. Has a lovely well angulated front with good bone down to neat feet. Liked his body length giving him correct height to length proportions but can still spring in rib to advantage. Has a lovely turn of stifle which is easy on the eye and is short from hock to ground both of which, combined with his good front, means he moves well creating a good shape and once settled he goes easily with a nice rhythm.”
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Club Ch
3rd PGD, Jeff Horswell

Smooth Collie Club of GB Ch, September
3rd PGD, Liz Cartledge
City of Birmingham Ch
3rd PGD, Derek Smith

Leeds Ch, July
1st PGD, Ben Reynolds-Frost ‘2 yr red and lazy with his ears. Long in head. Good front, bone, feet and depth of brisket. Correct topline and hindquarters.’

Smooth Collie Club GB Open, May
2nd PGD, Geoff Hyde ‘Sable and white, finer dog all through. He has a nice head, clean and a good length, level planes, I would prefer a darker eye, neat ears which he uses. Good neck leading into good body shape, good tail carriage and moved nicely. Nice tight jacket.’
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Club Ch
2nd PGD, Nick Smith ‘S/w still needs to clean in head and develop all over, moved ok.’

Crufts, March
2nd PGD, Res L Dog, Tony Foulston ‘Sable with correct head and stop, ears could be used a little more. Correct front construction but needs more turn of stifle in the rear.’

Pontefract & District Open, February
1st PGD, AVNSC, Rodney Oldham ‘Sable sm/collie of good size, head of length with flat skull and good plains, dark well placed eye, straight front and depth to chest, good topline with gentle slope to croup, well muscled rear and moves true enough.’

Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain Ch, November
3rd JD, 3rd N Dog, Pat Lister
Champion Crossfell’s Sea Gemini Trophy for Best Coloured Sable

Darlington Ch, September
1st JD, 1st PG dog, Reserve Best D, Jeff Horswell
“Masculine head, looks immature in body as yet, lovely temperament, long head, clean cheeks, ok for neck, feet can firm, in hard condition, quite good rear.”

Leeds Ch, July
2nd JD, 3rd LD, Anne Smith ’14th s/w has good angles. Neat well used ears, but his head still needs to develop’